Welcome to Girls Rock! Camp

Girls Rock! CampGRC Mission statement: to provide a dynamic and positive environment where 4-12 year old campers’ leadership, individuality and creativity can thrive and be celebrated!

Every day at Girls Rock! Camp is filled with opportunities to build confidence through learning, exploring, leading, mentoring, laughing, performing, cooking, sharing, reflecting, relaxing and playing. Each and everyday.

Girls Rock! Camp offers weekly themes that include engaging activities: active games, Jr. Chefs program, amazing guest speakers, H.O.P.s (Hugs-on-Paper), relaxation (get your Zen out!), B.O.S. (books or sports), Art Studio, Recording Studio, fundraising, Dramatic Arts, science exploration, spa potions and So. Much. More.

Registration 2016 opens on Saturday, January 16th!

We have so much fun planned for this summer!  It is our tenth anniversary and we have so much to celebrate!  Have a look below for the locations, sessions and themes offered this summer.

Boys Rock! Camp registrations for 2016 are now available! Sign up today!

Baden – Steinmann Church (1316 Snyder’s Rd W, Baden)

  • Session Two – July 11-15: Art Attack 3.0 Theme
  • Session Three – July 18-22: Inside Out Theme

Cambridge – Wanner Church (1725 Beaverdale Rd, Cambridge)

  • Session Four – July 25-29: Art Attack 3.0 Theme
  • Session Five – August 2-5 (no camp on Holiday Monday): Inside Out Theme

Forest Hill – Calvin Church (248 Westmount Rd E, Kitchener)

  • Session Two – July 11-15: Imagination Station Theme
  • Session Three – July 18-22: Art Attack 3.0 Theme
  • Session Four – July 25-29: Inside Out Theme
  • Session Five – August 2-5 (no camp on Holiday Monday): Global Girlz Theme

Stanley Park – St. Luke’s Church (317 Franklin St N, Kitchener)

  • Session Three – July 18-22: Global Girlz Theme
  • Session Four – July 25-29: Catch a Wave Theme
  • Session Five – August 2-5 (no camp on Holiday Monday): It’s a Jungle Out There

Uptown – Knox Church (50 Erb St W, Waterloo)

  • Session One – July 4-8: Art Attack 3.0 Theme
  • Session Two – July 11-15: Global Girlz Theme
  • Session Four – July 25-29: Time Travelers Theme

Waterloo North – All Saints Anglican Church (685 Highpoint Ave, Waterloo)

  • Session One – July 4-8: Global Girlz Theme
  • Session Two – July 11-15: Catch a Wave Theme
  • Session Three – July 18-22: Time Travelers Theme
  • Session Four – July 25-29: Imagination Station Theme
  • Session Five – August 2-5 (no camp on Holiday Monday): Art Attack 3.0 Theme

Theme Descriptions

  • Art Attack 3.0 – As a budding artist, you will be encouraged to think outside the box by creating a number of masterpieces inspired by some pretty funky artists! Oh, and it’s going to get messy! Like, really wonderfully messy!
  • Catch a Wave – Surf’s up, dudes because there is water, water everywhere! Pack your sunscreen!
  • Global Girlz – Grab your passport and your carry-on because we are trekking to all four corners of the world to sample the sweet life in different countries around the globe.
  • Imagination Station – Colour outside of the lines and make the impossible possible. The sky’s the limit this week – all you need is your imagination and the courage to make your visions a reality!
  • Inside Out – As Joy says, “There are a lot of things to be happy about!” This week is all about Disney’s movie, Inside Out and meeting the little voices inside our head.   Oh, and we might meet Bing Bong, you know, the friend who likes to play!
  • Jungle Fever – It’s a jungle out there and we couldn’t be happier! Let’s swing from vines, acquaint ourselves with some crazy animals and explore the inner workings of the world’s magical rainforests.
  • Time Travelers So a cowgirl, a sock hopper and a cave woman walk into to a camp…it’s no joke, it’s one of the bestest, funnest weeks out there!  

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Mark your calendars! 2016 registration opens on Saturday, January 16th. Register early – we fill up fast!

Boys Rock! Camp 2.0 will be happening AGAIN this summer – your favourite dudes are waiting to join in the fun once again. Sign up today!


Lauren really enjoyed the program last summer and I really noticed how much she grew as a young leader as a result of your program. Thank you for providing the training and opportunity for her.

Terry Z.