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AIT Program


This transformative and dynamic program invites our Angels-in-Training to hone their leadership skills, practice a variety of teaching/facilitation techniques and navigate their position as a role model for our campers. These skills are further enhanced through direct interaction with campers, staff, and parents.

AIT's play a key role in cultivating the camp community - thus they must have a strong desire to work with youth. They are expected to involve themselves fully in all aspects of camp: daily activities, meetings, maintenance, and communication. And while we understand that many AITs will be volunteering with their friends, it is imperative that campers' needs and safety must come first and thus, will be working alongside an Angel and under the direction of the Guardian Angel. The opportunity to socialize with peers will occur at breaks and at lunch.

  • Successful applicants will be notified by Friday, April 13th

  • AIT candidates must be in at least grade 8 by September 2024

  • Each AIT chosen will be expected to attend two training sessions via Google Meets prior to July 8, 2024

  • Each AIT who completes the program will receive 40 hours of community service that can used towards their high school requirements

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