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And that's a wrap!

Our supply containers are back in storage, our staff members are off pursuing their dreams, and our beloved campers are getting ready for school in just four sleeps,. All we have left of our Sweet 16th Girls Rock! Camp season is an inventory of memories. And what memories they are: petting zoo, Friday performances, Erick Traplin concerts, Food Bank Fundraising, Art Shows, Talent Shows & Fashion Shows, magician (Scott Boyd), self-defence, Color Run, Country Fair, Farmer's Market, First Responder visits, so much good food, H.O.P.s, relaxation, crafting, designing, photo booths, candy-making, Bingo, board games, active games, bubbles, edible cookie dough, silly putty, Cake Walk, bibliotherapy, Life Saver lollies, and so much more!

While it is easy to list the fun stuff, it is also so heartwarming to reflect on the difference that our campers made this year to three organizations in need:

  1. Our four Art Shows in the Color Me Happy! theme week raised over $600 for The Global Pathways School (GPS) in rural Chettipalayam, India, to create opportunities for over 500 children and their families to overcome systemic poverty and realize their full potential.

  2. Our four Farmer's Markets in the Country Fair theme week raised over $1400 for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region so they can continue to provide food and other vital supports to people in need. Sadly, since the beginning of the pandemic (and ongoing inflation rates), food banks across the country have been utilized at record numbers. Our donation will be able to purchase 3500 meals for families in our community, Thank you for your generosity.

  3. And finally, our campers (and guardians!) rifled through their closets to look for gently used clothing that was first used in a high-tech Staff Fashion Show and was then packed up and passed onto the YW Thrift Boutique that where all proceeds from sales and financial donations will go directly towards supporting women and youth to gain financial stability through our In Her Shoes Entrepreneurship & Employment Training Program.

So until next year GRC families - we wish you a year full of wonderful curiosity, adventurous exploration, good health, and unending gratitude. Because, from our end, we are abundantly grateful to you.


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