Welcome to Girls Rock! Camp

Girls Rock! CampGRC Mission statement: to provide a dynamic and positive environment where 4-12 year old campers’ leadership, individuality and creativity can thrive and be celebrated!

Baden (Steinmann Church – 1316 Snyder’s Road, West)

  • Session One – July 10-14: She’s Got Game 
  • Session Two – July 17-21: Food for Thought 

Cambridge (Wanner Church – 1725 Beaverdale Road, Cambridge)

  • Session Three – July 24-28: She’s Got Game

Forest Hill (Calvin Church – 248 Westmount Road, East, Kitchener)

  • Session One – July 10-14: Food for Thought 
  • Session Two – July 17-21: Happy Holidays
  • Session Three – July 24-28: Art Attack 4.0
  • Session Four – July 31 – August 4: Take a Bow

Stanley Park (St. Luke’s Church – 317 Franklin Street North, Kitchener)

  • Session One – July 10-14: Happy Holidays
  • Session Two – July 17-21: Take a Bow
  • Session Three – July 24-28: Food for Thought
  • Session Four – July 31 – August 4: Art Attack 4.0

Uptown (Calvary Church – 91 Gruhn Street, Kitchener)

  • Session One – July 10-14: Take a Bow 
  • Session Two – July 17-21: Art Attack 4.0 
  • Session Three – July 24-28: Happy Holidays
  • Session Four – July 31 – August 4: Food for Thought

Waterloo North (All Saints Anglican Church – 685 Highpoint Avenue, Waterloo)

  • Session One – July 10-14: Art Attack 4.0 
  • Session Two – July 17-21: She’s Got Game 
  • Session Three – July 24-28: Take a Bow 
  • Session Four – July 31 – August 4: Happy Holidays

Theme Descriptions

Art Attack 4.0

Art Attack 4 Session Theme by Girls Rock Camp

It’s Gogh time at Girls Rock! this week! We won’t dilly-Dali as we create some unbelievable masterpieces that Rockwell. We will also Munch on a few artistic treats, meet some real life artists and challenge ourselves to find the beauty around us.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought Session Theme by Girls Rock Camp

Picnics, potlucks and provisions to please our palates is what this week is all about. We are going to learn a few cookery tricks, meet some culinary artists and break bread together. Bring your spatula, your apron and most importantly, your appetite! Bon apetit!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Session Theme by Girls Rock Camp

Question: What do Cupid, a leprechaun, Father Time, and a ghost all have in common? Answer: They will all be visiting us this week as we celebrate Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, New Year’s, Halloween and Thanksgiving this week at camp. Who says we have to follow the calendar to celebrate the fun?

She’s Got Game

She's Got Game Session Theme by Girls Rock Camp

It’s all fun & games this week as we become contestants in our own versions of popular game shows like American Gladiators, Minute to Win It, The Price is Right and The Great British Bake-Off. Put your game face on and get ready to play!

Take a Bow

Take a Bow Session Theme by Girls Rock Camp

Shakespeare said it best when he said, “Life is a stage.” Little did he know that Girls Rock! Camp is also a stage. This week, we are going to explore and participate in three famous musicals: The Lion King, Sound of Music and Phantom of the Opera. Look out Broadway, here we come!

Every day at Girls Rock! Camp is filled with opportunities to build confidence through learning, exploring, leading, mentoring, laughing, performing, cooking, sharing, reflecting, relaxing and playing. Each and everyday.

Girls Rock! Camp offers weekly themes that include engaging activities: active games, Jr. Chefs program, amazing guest speakers, H.O.P.s (Hugs-on-Paper), relaxation (get your Zen out!), S.L.O.B. (sports, Lego or books), Art Studio, Recording Studio, fundraising, Dramatic Arts, science exploration, spa potions and So. Much. More.

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller