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Welcome to Girls Rock! Camp

Girls Rock! CampGRC Mission statement: to provide a dynamic and positive environment where 4-12 year old campers’ leadership, well-being and creativity can thrive and be celebrated!

1. Baden (Steinmann Church – 1316 Snyder’s Road, West)

  • Session One – July 9-13 – Rock the Vote 
  • Session Two – July 16-20 – Passport to Perfectly Pleasant Places

2. Cambridge (Wanner Church – 1725 Beaverdale Road, Cambridge)

  • Session Three – July 23-27 – Passport to Perfectly Pleasant Places

3. Forest Hill (Calvin Church – 248 Westmount Road, East, Kitchener)

  • Session One – July 9-13 – Art Attack 5.0
  • Session Two – July 16-20 – Girl Boss
  • Session Three – July 23-27 – Wonder Women 
  • Session Four – July 30 – August 3 – Don’t Mind Us!

4. Stanley Park (St. Luke’s Church – 317 Franklin Street North, Kitchener)

  • Session One – July 9-13 – Don’t Mind Us!
  • Session Two – July 16-20 – Art Attack 5.0
  • Session Three – July 23-27 – Girl Boss
  • Session Four – July 30 – August 3 – Wonder Women

5. Uptown (Calvary Church – 91 Gruhn Street, Kitchener)

  • Session One – July 9-13 – Wonder Women 
  • Session Two – July 16-20 – Don’t Mind Us!
  • Session Three – July 23-27 – Art Attack 5.0
  • Session Four – July 30 – August 3 – Girl Boss

6. Waterloo North (All Saints Anglican Church – 685 Highpoint Avenue, Waterloo)

  • Session One – July 9-13 – Girl Boss
  • Session Two – July 16-20 – Wonder Women 
  • Session Three – July 23-27 – Don’t Mind Us!
  • Session Four – July 30 – August 3 – Art Attack 5.0


2018 Theme Descriptions

Passport to Perfectly Pleasant Placeswanderlust (n) a strong desire or urge to travel and explore the world. Inspiring hidden gems found all around the globe await you this week so grab your compass and your hiking boots and get set to climb into covert caves, stand under wondrous waterfalls and taste the delightful delicacies that these global locales have to offer.

Art Attack 5.0 – “An artist is an explorer.” – Henri Matisse. So let’s explore outside the (art) box this week and study some lesser known mediums like Dale Chuhily’s glassblowing, Faith Ringgold’s narrative quilts, Faberge’s jewelrymaking, Ansel Adams’ photography, and Corita Kent’s serigraphs. Required materials: an open mind and a creative heart.

Wonder Women – “Wisdom begins in wonder” – Socrates. So a week of wonder coming up! Uplifting guest speakers who will motivate us (women who are farmers/firefighters/doctors, oh my!), a merry Colour Run (get set for the mess), an inspiring movie, Wonder (parents welcome), remarkable Random Acts of Kindness, and a whole lot of wonderful wondering about being your best YOU. It’s no wonder this week is going to rock.

Rock the Vote – this special week is All. Up. To. You! Prior to the start of this session, our esteemed campers will vote on crafts, activities, themes, recipes, and their wish will be our command.  (Fun fact: It was only in 1960 that ALL Canadian women could vote – can you imagine?!) #RockTheVoteAtGRC

Girl Boss – starting from the ground up this week, each site going to build a Girls Rock! Business. Through brainstorming, collaboration, mentoring, planning, and goalsetting, campers will create a final product to sell on the last day (soooo may options!). In turn, these funds will be donated to this year’s selected charity, Heifer International. #SheBelievedSheCouldSoSheDid

Don’t Mind Us! – “In today’s world, we all think too much … and often forget about the joy of just being.” – Eckhart Tolle. So this week, we are focusing on being. Being present, being kind, being helpful, just being in the moment. Don’t worry, it’s not all meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing – there will be a lot of noise, shenanigans, and tomfoolery too. We are just going to be MINDFUL about it. Ommmm….


* In 2017 and for 2018 we have worked hard to find efficiencies in anticipation of the minimum wage increase in Ontario. This year’s camp registration increase is a direct result of the change in minimum wage. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Every day at Girls Rock! Camp is filled with opportunities to build confidence through learning, exploring, leading, mentoring, laughing, performing, cooking, sharing, reflecting, relaxing and playing. Each and everyday.

Girls Rock! Camp offers weekly themes that include engaging activities: active games, Jr. Chefs program, amazing guest speakers, H.O.P.s (Hugs-on-Paper), relaxation (get your Zen out!), S.L.O.B. (sports, Lego or books), Art Studio, Recording Studio, fundraising, Dramatic Arts, science exploration, spa potions and So. Much. More.

“Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller