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All About Us

* Creativity * Empathy * Leadership * Collaboration * Philanthropy *

Located within the Waterloo Region, Girls Rock! Camp has been enthusiastically welcoming campers who self-identify as female, trans, and gender non-conforming ages 4-12 to participate in a wide variety of engaging themes & activities since 2007. Our camp offers a high staff to camper ratio that ensures every camper at Girls Rock! Camp is celebrated for the amazingness that is her!


Each summer our campers enjoy a legacy of rituals - both new and old - that are unique to our program and that make the time with us so enriching and memorable for our campers and staff alike.

Our rock star staff is a passionate group of women (many former campers/AIT's themselves!) who adore spending time with our campers. They are the superheroes of the camp who lead with their hearts.

* Arts * Science * Culinary * Fundraising * Mindfulness * Bibliotherapy * Games * Spa * Speakers *

Picnic After Camping
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